so sory :'(

since last night you did'nt text me .i think he's angry with me because i am very stubborn .he's touching already .huh !how can i persuade you dear .i'm so sory .please don't angry with me anymore .i'm begging you .my life will be unperfect if you still like this .i miss your message in every morning .when i woke up ,the things first i'll find is my phone .you gave me kiss in every morning .you gave me love .you make me smile .you gave me everything .i really miss that .Although only 1 day you did'nt text me but i'm feel like the hundred long year .yess .thats the fact .i'm not scared if you have another girl .i also not scared if you want to hate me but i'm very scared if i lost your love again !i can't imagine that if you leave me dear .but i know and i am very sure you will never leave me .yess .i am sure .Mohd Hamza you will be mine forever .i don't care if people want say anything about me .i really really don't care it . but i care if any people try to disturb our relation and try to take you away from me .i know i always make you sad .i want you to know that love the way you treat me .i like when you call me SAYANG ,when you hug me and when you kiss me .you're the best thing that i had dear .pleasee forgive me *-* .

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